Thursday, April 29, 2010

Addiction to tea

         A tea shop is a death trap for any big tea drinkers. Even if they try not to buy something... It's useless. I walked into the Mall of America the other day looking for a cheaper flight bag and maybe some shoes or pjs. I walked out with a bag of tea. The tea shop I went to is called Teavana. Honestly, I think it's a bit pricey but I do like their tea. The one I bought, which I am drinking right now, is something I recommend for anyone to try.

Name: Strawberry Slender Pu Erh. (Why the slender? Because Pu Erh is considered to be a weight loss tea.)
Type: Pu Erh, Fruit
Company: Teavana
Purchased: Teavana
Comments:  Smooth and fruity. The strawberries over power the Pu erh a bit too much for tea purists but for people like myself who love strawberries it's a sure hit. (suddenly I feel like a saleswomen....)

Do you like strawberries?

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