Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ginseng Punch!

      After updating to windows 7 with the help of a very awesome, super, amazing friend I can do pictures again! yay! So how have you all been? Haven't had any comments in awhile so I just thought I should ask. Had any good teas I should try?

As you probably guessed I am drinking hotel tea at the moment. I don't fancy it much though.

Name: Honey Lemon Ginseng
Type: Green
Company: Chado
Purchased: hotel tea
Comments:  If I were to describe this tea like a fight it would go like this: You would step into the ring and the fight would commence with honey skating around you making everything sticky and slippery. He/she would bring you down with one clever roundhouse. Then Lemon would drag you to the floor in puckering fashion. Your eyes watering and your mouth stuck in the 'fish' position. Last would be Ginseng who would finish you off with a kick to the side. This tea is just too bitter with not enough flavor.

How do you like you bitter tea?

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